Power Plan Assistant for Windows 7 2.2a 1.0

Power Plan Assistant for Windows 7 2.2a 1.0


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Date Added:22 February, 2013



Power Plan Assistant for Windows 7 is a multiple award-winning software, created to redefine the Windows 7 laptop experience. Power Plan Assistant has been designed to work with any Windows 7-compatible hardware (32-bit and 64-bit). In addition, it can install the truly unique features, specific for Boot Camp-enabled Apple Macbook Pro / Air notebooks running Windows 7: Power Plan Assistant brings the keyboard backlight management to a new level on these Macs, allowing the user to disable keyboard backlight completely or just disable / enable automatic keyboard backlight level adjustment. These features were previously available on Mac OS X only. Power Plan Assistant brings them to both the 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7, at the same time preserving all of Boot Camp's native hardware controls. With Power Plan Assistant you can: 1. Quickly switch between the Windows built-in and custom power plans (all power plans, not just 2 of them, as it is when operating via system Power icon); 2. Easily observe which power plan is currently active (dynamic application icon in a taskbar notification area changes in accordance with an active power plan, does not matter where it has been changed); 3. Instantly power off the display on user's demand (why wait at least one minute for it to be powered off, wasting the energy?). The display can be waked up then by pressing any key or moving the cursor; 4. Switch the power plans automatically: - to 'Power Saver', in order to start saving the energy BEFORE battery power is gone (threshold is user-configurable); - to 'High Performance' or 'Balanced' (on plugging in); - to 'Power Saver' or 'Balanced' (on unplugging). 5. Instantly power off the display, lock workstation or toggle Windows Flip 3D mode WITHOUT A NEED TO PERFORM EVEN A SINGLE CLICK: the user-configurable action can fire on placing the cursor precisely at the top left corner of the screen. Licensing: donationware (no obligatory charge, no feature limits).
Requirements: Runs on any Windows 7-compatible hardware (32-bit and 64-bit)

Systems: Win7 x32, Win7 x64

Tags: Windows 7 show all power plans in tray   switch power plans automatically   power off the display   Expose-like features for Windows   Boot Camp Macbook disable keyboard backlight  

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